Single Developer License


5 Developers License


Single Developer License

Valid for one developer seat. Example: if your team has 3 developers directly working with the product, you will need to purchase 3 licenses. Licenses are valid per seat - meaning they are not named and you can exchange different developers on the team as long as you do not exceed the license limit. There are no limitations on the number of projects/sites you can use the product in - you can use it on any number of sites you need. There is no time limit - you can use the product for any period of time you need. There is no restriction on the number of internal/development/qa/testing/staging machines/servers you use while you are developing your solution. There are no royalties of any kind involved.

1 year free delivery of all products and updates valid for your license, this means you will receive all new releases for one year for free.

Answer from our technical team within 24 hours. Valid Monday-Friday (weekends not included). Note that we make it a rule that developers that have created the products answer your questions. There will not be several roundtrips before different levels of support people until you reach the persons that actually know what is going on. The standard response time is 48 hours (for customers without priority support).


If you have a Developer License (valid for 1 year) that is about to expire, you can renew at a special discounted price set at 50% of the license price. Example - you have dvxCharts for JavaScript License that costs $599. When 1 year expires, you can renew your license at 50% of the original price, meaning $299.

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